A cooking proceeding with a pressure cooker can be delighted and joyful. But sometimes we need some inspiration and useful tips to achieve excellent results. Therefore, if you want to utilize your pressure cooker ultimately and to get new skills, you should read the proper cookbooks.

I’ve faced with this necessity, and it took the time to find decent recipe books for my pressure cooker. In this review, I’ve collected all my knowledge and experience, and I want to represent you about 5 recipe books for pressure cookers that are worthwhile and useful. My conclusions are based on the numerous customers’ reviews and information from various websites.

Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

The author of this book, Vickie Smith, is a master of pressure cooking, and she publishes plenty of useful and valuable information about pressure cooking on her website MissVickie.com. Moreover, she collected all helpful and interesting information inside her book, The Ultimate Pressure Cooker Cookbook.

This large book includes more than 400 tasteful, fast and well-tried recipes. You won’t make a mistake because there are detailed directions and many additional tips and special techniques from the author.

No matter if you just start to utilize a pressure cooker, or you are an experienced user, you’ll appreciate guidance on how to pick and use a pressure cooker. There are typical missteps that you can do in pressure cookery, comprehensive instructions for pressure cookers, main rules for safe cooking and more complicated techniques for advanced chefs.

If you want to purchase one recipe book for your pressure cooker and get all information from basic instruction to progress cooking techniques, this book will satisfy your needs.

Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes

In 2012, Bob Warden wrote an exceptional cookbook that became a bestseller. It is still very popular on Amazon.com.

The author Bob Warden has his cooking show on a TV and represents some manufacturers. In his pressure cooking book Great Food Fast, he showed us new opportunities of pressure cooking.
This book costs only $13, but it is full of delicious recipes, helpful cooking tips and information about the nutrient value of products. With this book, you’ll have exciting ideas for pressure cooking every day.

Pressure Cooker Perfection

I’m sure that people who adore cooking have already known about America’s Test Kitchen. So, they created very useful and interesting recipe book for pressure cookers. The Pressure Cooking Perfection book has numerous recipes that use the full power of a pressure cooker. It also includes some common information about a pressure cooker structure, operation, customers’ reviews, and so on. It is necessary information for beginners, but you may also find it on the Internet. So, I think they wrote this chapter to no purpose.

Everything else is great. There are 100 recipes for a pressure cooker. They are illustrated, and you’ll find one big photo for every recipe and a few smaller step-by-step pics. These beautiful, colorful photos make the dishes more attractive and fillip you to prepare your dinner faster. With clear cooking instructions, you won’t have any issues.
Certainly, this book will provoke you to cook with your pressure cooker more frequent.

Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast and Flavorsome

Laura Pazzaglia published the Hip Pressure Cooking on September 2014. It is not the only one her creation. She also has her interesting website with plenty of useful and worthwhile information about pressure cooking, hippressurecooking.com.

The author made this book very convenient because she divided recipes into various categories. Just find the category with a product you want to use, like eggs, beans, vegetables, and meat, or the dish you want to cook, such as soups, pasta, sauce and dessert, and begin to cook immediately.

Except more than 200 foolproof recipes that will please you, there are unusual tricks to improve your pressure cooking skills. This book gratified me because it is helpful and gives plenty of valuable information to a pro cookers as well as newcomers.

Cooking Under Pressure

Lorna J Sass is a top-notch cookbook author. She wrote the Cooking Under Pressure in 1989. In those days, people didn’t have enough information about a pressure cooker and were afraid of it. This book became a bestseller and in 2009 the revised edition came out.

People love this cookbook because it is affordable (the price is about $15) and consists of recipes that will please both, beginning and advanced pressure cooker users. You’ll find a wide range of recipes from elementary to a high level. With this book, you’ll use your pressure cooker with pleasure and step-by-step increase your cooking level.
Lorna J Sass also wrote one more interpretation of this book for vegetarians, “Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure.”

It was my top 5 rating of the worthwhile Recipe Books for a pressure cooker.

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