All American Pressure Canner 921


If to look on multiple contented customer reviews, selling rates, popularity and key features, All American Pressure Canner 921 seems to be the perfect choice among all currently available pressure canners. It delights with its capacity, solid and reliable build and outstanding durability. No wonder that it’s the top recommendation for anyone who’s looking for a good pressure canner.

Holding nearly 20 pints, this pressure canner is a perfect device for regular cooking and canning. Having it, you will be spared from the necessity to spend the entire day in the kitchen processing only a couple of jars at a time.
In terms of quality, this pressure canner will satisfy even the most exacting customers. According to online ratings, it’s given 5 stars by most users while my personal recommendation is to take this one without looking any further.


Most of those who have ever tried it, recommend it wholeheartedly. By all parameters, the price of the product is well justified with its quality and gorgeous performance.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty construction of cast aluminum ensuring even, faster and more profound heating. The canner also features nice and smooth satin finish that is utterly easy to clean;
  • Bakelite handle on top remains cool within the entire process, so you can grip it safely;
  • It has a geared steam gauge and a pressure regulator with three settings: 5 psi, 10 psi and 15 psi;
  • For utmost safety the construction has two automatic safety venting features: an overpressure plug and a safety control valve;
  • The edges have additional protection against wear, they are made double thicker for true durability;
  • You can choose the capacity perfectly fitting your needs; the available range includes canners of 10.5 quarts, 15.5 quarts, 21.5 quarts, 25 quarts, 30 quarts, 41.5 quarts.

Being highly durable and capacious and featuring an appealing thought out design the All American Pressure Canner 921 also has some pros and cons to be considered prior to purchase.

The undisputable pros are:

  • With a larger diameter, this canner is capable of holding a good deal more pints and quarts at a time, saving your time and efforts enormously;
  • The lid is sealed to the pot with six sturdy screws and you needn’t take trouble over plastic or rubber rings. Such sealing system ensures excellent steam-tight seal;

The device is ultimately easy and convenient in use and comes with a handy user-friendly manual;

Some of the eventual cons include:

  • Size: being outstandingly capacious, this canner has a considerable height, so there should be at least 16 inches of free space above your stove top;
  • Weight: even as being empty this canner weighs 20 pounds. It’s a pretty heavy load to lift, so you might need to put it on the stove prior to filling it with your jars.

If to speak of its overall performance, high ratings and the level of customer satisfaction are more than evidential. Multiple online reviews given to this canner are very enthusiastic and positive; people are delighted with its industrial strength and quality.

The bottom line

If you have to do lots of canning, the All American Pressure Canner 921 will be the best possible choice. It boasts of incredible durability and true industrial performance. This pressure canner will easily endure regular canning while making your canning routine a way easier and quicker. Try it and you will never want to use any other canner!

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