Emeril CY4000 by T-fal Review

81ilfQ57aQL._SL1500_It is so handy to use one kitchen appliance to cook various dishes. With the Emeril by T-fal CY4000 Electric Pressure Cooker, you may brown, sauté and simmer using only this unit with a non-stick surface.

This device is very simple in operating. You just put all necessary products inside the pressure cooker in accordance with a recipe, pick a necessary program and leave it for a while. After a while, your dish will be ready. Moreover, it will stay warm until you need it. A cleaning process is also so simple. Use a dishwasher if you want.

The manufacturer took care of the attractive design. The pressure cooker has an eye-catching stainless steel outer shell with an LED timer. This timer measures the time from the start of pressure process to the end of the cooking process. There are three cooking modes available, sauté, simmer and brown. You shouldn’t worry about safety because when a cooking process begins, a lid shuts hermetically and doesn’t open until the end of the cooking program.


This Emeril pressure cooker has a steam basket in a set and the recipe book that includes 75 delicious recipes from the famous Chef Emeril, reputable all over the world. The producer offers a one-year limited warranty to prove the reliability of the product.

This model is an outstanding decision for those who never cooked with a pressure cooker before. You’ll meet interesting videos on the Internet that explain gradually how this device works and perform all the opportunities you get.

It is not so easy to count all opportunities and advantages that you receive if you single out to cook with a pressure cooker. You’ll economy about 70 percent of your time if compared with classic cooking methods. You may cook the whole chicken in 30 minutes, for instance. You even don’t have to unfreeze the frozen products. But I think the most amazing thing in a pressure cooker is that it retains incredible flavors and all healthy nutrients of the foods! With this exceptional device, you may convert your regular meal into an exquisite dinner. You’ll also appreciate a steamer that allows you to prepare healthy and appetizing food, like vegetables or seafood, for instance.

Brand T-Fal is a renowned company that produces outstanding pressure cookers and other kitchen appliances. They created the original mix of a non-stick surface, recognized as Teflon, and aluminum.

Our Emeril CY4000 review

I use this model for my everyday needs. I know the value of time because I work and have children. In the evening, it is so important to spend some time with my family and do not lose it for cooking. Moreover, I want to give my kids only healthy and nutrient foods. I’ve found a great decision for all my needs. A pressure cooker is an exceptional device that allows me to cook a dinner in less than 30 minutes. I cook various dishes because this pressure cooker can simmer, brown and sauté. I prefer electric pressure cooker if compared with models with the stove top because they have significant benefits. They provide quiet operation and are completely safe. The lid never opens if there is a pressure inside. So, I’m confident to use it and let my children use it too.

My conclusion about the Emeril by T-Fal CY4000

The Emeril by T-Fal is a preeminent pressure cooker because it provides all services you need to create amazing and tasteful dishes for you and your family. It easily browns, simmers and sautés various products. It also has a steam basket and a warming mode for your convenience. Even beginners will love this model because it is very simple in operation and has a big recipe book from the Emeril. There is only one nuance that I don’t really like. I’m talking about a Teflon surface. It is not crucial, but it would be better to cook in a stainless steel pot. Teflon is easy to scratch and there are many health concerns about it.

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