Nesco PC6-25P Stainless Steel Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker


Looking for something that will make cooking easier? Nesco PC6-25P is a great electronic kitchen appliance that includes three options: pressure, slow and steam preparation.

Nesco PC6-25P Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker can make a meal ready in 30 mins while you are doing other stuff. You do not have to stand in front of it, stir ingredients and control the flame. Put the necessary ingredients in the pot, add water/oil and press start. You can rely on this modern device even when you are very busy. Programmable features will do the job, so you will only need to serve food for your family!



Nesco PC6-25P Review

The product has many different options, which you can read about below:

  • There are two pressure release options: Natural release requires up to 20 mins for cooling down, and also you can release the pressure manually when needed
  • Use two pressure setting for different meals: 10 PSI for roast vegetables and meat and 5 PSI for soft preparation, like custards, rice, porridge
  • The self-locking system closes the lid when there is a pressure in the pot
  • There is a gasket between the lid and the pot for better-pressurized cooking
  • Choose if you want to cook food with the pressure or without, using the dial

Nesco PC6-25P Pressure Cooker includes the timer. You can use the option of delaying the cooking up to 8 hours. This is really useful when you do not have to cook a dinner and want to have it done by the time you come back from work. The non-stick surface of the tool helps to cook fast and easy. Those customers, who already using the device said that the cooking process brings joy and saves time. If you used to have a stove-top pressure cooker before, you can cook meals by following same recipes. Also, the unit can be washed in a dishwasher, as well as wiped.

As any new product o the market, Nesco PC6-25P Programmable Pressure Cooker has strong and weak sides. Due to customers’ reviews, we have added pros and cons of this device. Fortunately, there are much more positive comments about the electronic kitchen tool.


  • An auto switch to warm option. Once the cooking is done, the pressure cooker will turn on the warm program to keep the food at the best temperature
  • A steam option is useful for fast cooking vegetables. Using steam setting you can make low-calories/cholesterol meals following the healthy diet
  • Quick cooking saves your time. There is only one pot, so you can mix rice and meat, fish and vegetables and try so many new meals with this device. Using only one pot, you do not spend much time for cooking and cleaning after
  • Use the rack on the pot for cooking more food by steaming
  • Easy to clean in a dishwasher, hand wash, and wipe
  • A delay program allows you to set a cooking for later (up to 8 hours) and have your meal done when you come back
  • Cool-touch lid and handles make the unit safe
  • 6-quart capacity gives you an option to cook for a family of 4 people
  • The LED display with keys helps to choose the right setting for preparing a certain dish
  • An affordable price


  • Some vegetables can fall into a pot while steaming

The conclusion

Nesco PC6-25P Stainless Steel Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker is a good device for a low cost. It is probably the only one electronic cooking device that includes so many options for such price.

You will get Nesco PC6-25P with a recipe book, manual and a cooking trivet.

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