Prestige Deluxe Stainless Steel Mini Handi Pressure Cooker


Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi Pressure Cooker is the product of the Indian manufacturer Prestige that has been producing a variety of kitchen appliances for years. This manufacturer has won its reputation through high-tech innovations, care for safety and customers’ needs. It uses its vast experience to create high-quality innovative and durable products and thus the Deluxe Mini Handi appeared.

Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi Pressure Cooker has been created as a convenient device for fast and easy cooking of healthy food for the entire family. It features an ergonomic and elegant design and allows people with tight schedules to cook quickly and with pleasure.


Key features:

  • The material is stainless steel;
  • The base is thick and the lugs are much stronger;
  • Certified to conform to ISI standards;
  • Features installed pressure indicator (PI);
  • Offers “separator cooking” option so that you can cook 3 dishes at a time;
  • Combines 3-in-1, so that you can use it for slow cooking and pressure cooking and also serve in it;
  • Has the convenient capacity of 3.3 liters.

Featuring modern looks Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi Pressure Cooker allows you to enjoy traditional home-made dishes without spending the entire day in the kitchen. It offers an entire series of undisputable advantages:

  • Utmost convenience in use: with its compact thought out ergonomic design this pressure cooker is very convenient in handling and quite easy to clean. Your cooking experience with it will be more delightful than ever, as despite its compact size it actually provides greater body capacity than other pressure cookers with outer lid;
  • Built-in pressure indicator: This pressure indicator ensures ultimate safety of users. It will rise as the pressure builds up in the cooker and upon release of all pressure it will come down back to the initial position. It’s simple, yet very indicative.
  • Cooking separator: With this cooking separator you can cook as many as three various dishes at a time in a more hygienic and healthy way. All nutrients and taste will be retained at that.
  • 3-in-1: Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi is not merely a pressure cooker. You can also use it for slow cooking and it will represent a beautiful vessel for serving your culinary masterpieces. And all of that can be made in one and the same pot.
  • Durable quality: Made from upscale stainless steel the device features improved design for long-term durability. The base has been made much thicker while the lugs have been made stronger. It will survive regular cooking with excellence while representing a perfect high-quality vessel for your culinary experiments.


  • Size: The compact design of Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi might appear to be its minus, too. The convenient capacity of 3.3 liters won’t work so well for a large family, so if you intend to cook food in greater quantities it’s reasonable to turn your attention to some larger pressure cookers.
  • The absence of user guide: The fact that the manufacturer failed to provide clear instructions on proper use, maintenance and storing of the device somewhat disappoints and leaves users to guess about that.

Looking on customer reviews of this product you can satisfy yourself once more that Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi is an upscale and high-quality device. Users love its durability and modern design and are delighted with its efficiency. The rating of 4.1 stars out of the possible five speaks for itself. Among the most frequently noted advantages are functionality and ability to cook fast.

All in all

Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi Pressure Cooker is a rare pressure cooker that combines such features as compact size, durability, convenience, excellent efficiency, stylish design, high quality and agreeable price. This unique small-sized device will help you to cook your favorite meals in a speedy and efficient way while retaining the most of the savory flavors and delicious tastes of your food. So if you want a compact and efficient pressure cooker to assist you in regular cooking, Prestige Deluxe Mini Handi Pressure Cooker will be the right choice.

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