Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

jNational Presto Industries was organized in 1905. They began with the production of small appliances for the kitchen and now it is a contemporary brand that produces high-quality, innovative goods. Their creation, the Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker is a decent large pressure cooker and one of the first-rate canners on the market.

This canner is a very versatile model because it easily cans and cooks various fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat. It is so convenient to use it in your kitchen to satisfy all your conserving and cooking needs. Specific canning process eradicates all harmful bacterium with a hot steam and at the same time conserves vitamins and minerals.



Due to a solid aluminum that resists a distortion this cooker provides uniform and fast warming.
The whole range of processing temperatures is automatically recorded by a special gauge.
There are two ranges available: regular and smooth-top.
The installed cover lock controls the pressure and allows its promoting only when you locked the cover correctly. So, you shouldn’t worry that the cover opening while the high pressure inside the cooker.
You’ll get convenient and interesting 76 pages instruction book with various recipes in a set.
Capacity is 23 quarts.
12-years warranty.



It is crucial to be certain that the cooking proceeding is completely protected. With this canning pressure cooker that has a few controlling measures, you’ll be satisfied. The top covering locks tightly during the operation, and you won’t have an opportunity to open it while the steam reaches a low enough pressure level. Moreover, the modern gauge also registers the full range of pressures.

If you use a pressure canning method when you cook, you receive safe, low-acid foods. It is the only one cooking method recommended by USDA. This exceptional pressure canner allows you to eat fresh and healthy meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits that save all their nutrients and vitamins.


This cooker is a trustworthy and lasting device due to a durable and hard aluminum. You also can make sure that it is a reliable cooker due to a 12-year warranty.


The manual of this canner/cooker is large and convenient. It explains all nuances and rules of safe utilization and maintenance of this device. You also will find plenty of recipes inside it.


It was a challenging undertaking for me to find some disadvantages in this cooker/canner. I’ve discovered so many reviews on and found only a few people who weren’t satisfied with this kitchen device. The only one problem I’ve noticed is a large size and weight. So, if you have limited space, and you aren’t going to cook for big companies, you better pick a more compact model.


Reading of the consumers’ reviews is very convenient opportunity to learn supplementary about the product you’re going to purchase. They help you to know how bad or good a product is and make your ultimate decision.
There are plenty of good reports about this Presto Pressure Cooker and Canner. People, who tried it, rated it highly. They mentioned that it is simple in operation, convenient and durable kitchen device that has an affordable price.


The Presto 01781is one of the most appropriate pressure cookers and canners performed on the market. In addition to high-quality materials, easy utilization and a possibility to cook healthy and nutrient foods it is also has a fair price. Plenty of excellent reviews prove this fact. So, make no doubt and buy this convenient and solid pressure canner and cooker.

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