WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

plusWMF Perfect Pressure Cooker was created for those people who don’t have enough time for cooking and want to save some time. It allows you to prepare delicious and tempting dishes and don’t waste a half of day on it.

Well-known all over the world brand WMF created a combination of innovative technology, quality materials and fascinating design, the Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker. With this delightful pressure cooker, you’ll add some new habits and techniques to your daily cookery. It was produced by high German standards and stands out against similar pressure cookers thanks to the outstanding safety features and proper construction. Newcomers love this model due to an easy operation.


Structure and Capacity.

The WMF Perfect Plus Cooker is a medium-sized model with 6.5 quarts liquid capacity and 22 cm diameter. These measurements make this device an appropriate for preserving, juice extracting, sterilizing and cooking of frozen and fresh products.

This 6-1/2 quart pressure cooker is made of durable 18/10 stainless steel. High WMF standards provide exceptional endurance and long lifetime of this device. Moreover, you’ll appreciate alluring and slick exterior that gives a modern look.

Safety Options

In this kitchen appliance, WMF has integrated innovative safety features that allow you to avoid enormous pressure build-up. You will know when you should reduce a heating level due to a specific alert signal.
The removable handles provide a possibility to control a lid opening. Black colored phenolic handles make an operation of this pressure cooker comfortable and resist extra high temperature.

Trans Therm Feature

This model has one more convenient option. A specifically designed Trans Therm Base evenly distributes and holds the desired high-temperature level inside the pressure cooker.


Due to a durable stainless steel material, this device fits all types of stovetops, even induction.
High reliability and trustworthy is provided by German quality standards.
This pressure cooker has an entire decent structure and very usable handles. Therefore, it is so simple to manage and maintain.

The detailed manual will help to learn how to work with this device even for those who never cooked with the pressure cooker before.
You will also love delicious recipes created by Lorna Sass.
There is a perforated insertion and rack in a set.


As compared with other similar pressure cookers on the market this model is a bit high priced.


The WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker has plenty of advantages. It is a high-quality device due to German quality standards, made of solid materials and with eye-catching design. This pressure cooker will be an outstanding kitchen helper for people who know the value of time and money. The high price shouldn’t stop you because this pressure cooker is worth of this investment.

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